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“Once you take fear out of the equation, the what ifs and maybes disappear and you go forth boldly from a place of love and courage” – Wendy Carrillo

Guarding Your Gates

If you’ve ever heard of the famed Trojan horse, then you’re familiar with the story I’m about to tell you.   While there are many conflicts as to the validity and accuracy of the story, we can confidently attest that it was mixed with mythology as well as...

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3 Strategies to Prevent Atrophy

Recently, I read a book that gave outstanding insight on ways we can lead this generation which the writer referred to as “Generation iY”.   Among the countless pieces of insight he brought regarding their personality, he discussed certain muscles that this...

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My Absenteeism Letter

It’s been weeks since I wrote a single word, or even logged into my site to check or update it.   I had found my second wind during the summer after a bit of discouragement and thought I was on the right track.   I invested in a course to expand my reach, I...

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The Results Are In

I heard someone ask this question recently – “What might you want to do someday as a result of today?”   I could answer the first part, what I want to do SOMEDAY, with a lot of big dreams and desires.   Someday, I want to skydive. Someday, I want to hunt...

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How To Keep Our Kids From Escaping

  Once upon a time, we were all kids.   For some of us, that may have been a little further in the past than others, but at some point, we’ve all gone through adolescence.   Now, regardless if our history involves great memories or not so great, the...

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July Book Reviews

If you’ve been following along, the goal of 2 books per month is well in sight to be reached and surpassed for 2017.   I’ve explained before that I’ve been guilty of judging my progress against others I’ve seen with a reading plan for themselves. Going into July,...

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You’re Doing Nothing and You Like It

Let’s all admit it, it feels GREAT doing absolutely nothing! We are always on the go, up early, and back in bed late. We run ourselves into the ground and wear the “busyness” badge proudly in conversation with family and friends. This isn’t limited to just Monday...

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4 Ways to Know if You’re Teachable

When my son first started to learn how to ride a bike, it was a bit of a challenge. Being the middle child, he’s not always been the daredevil that my oldest is. So whenever we took the training wheels off and walked behind him to get him started riding by himself, he...

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How to Be Thankful for Being Hurt

Raise your hand if you enjoy pain.   Yeah, most of us truly don’t enjoy the misery that pain brings us.   What we all can agree on though is that we want to be accepted.   When it comes down to it, that’s one of our primary needs in life, acceptance....

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