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My wife and I recently purchased a used, cream-colored leather sofa chair with ottoman for $10 (because we’re high rollers like that). Since this has graced our living room, I’m rarely seen at the house not sitting in that chair.


I have found the perfect combination to go with this genius investment we’ve made.


A hot cup of freshly brewed Cinnabon flavored coffee, the air turned down to about 68°, the blinds shut, curtains drawn, an outlet close by on one side, with my Father’s Day present – a wooden chest – on the other, with maybe the occasional piece of apple or buttermilk pie my wife will make, and slowly lowering myself into this cushiony throne of bliss.


I’ve discovered that I can take a good book and enjoy the atmosphere, or the kids can pull up close and we can throw down on a game of UNO together and I never have to relinquish my spot of true comfort.


I associate rest, relaxation, unwinding, and low stress as I kick back every evening after work and it causes a smile as wide as Texas to slowly stretch across my face.


The problem is trying to work in that environment.


Admittedly, I’m rarely successful when I sit here and try to knock out some writing or other creative projects I need to accomplish.


Believe me, I’ve tried over and over and over.


While I’m marginally successful with these tasks, after several attempts, I realized I was not being as productive as I wanted to or knew I could be.


I had to make a decision if I wanted to get the things done on my list.


I decided to replicate, to an extent, the things that make me the most successful of focusing on and finishing my work.


Reluctantly, I decided that I would see how a few tweaks would improve my productivity and I knew that meant I couldn’t plop down here as I had quickly grown accustomed to nearly every day.


First, instead of changing into lounging clothes, I would maintain a certain level of attire that reminded me of working. Whether that meant staying in the clothes I wore to work or putting on jeans instead of pj’s, it does something to us mentally when we “dress for success”.


Next, I grabbed some water or coffee or both, a small snack, all my charging cords, and determined to limit the times I got up. Instead of being in the middle of writing and realizing how parched I was, having a drink at arm’s length removed an excuse of interrupting my work.


Then, I moved to a desk we have in another room where the big, fluffy chair is out of sight and set up shop there.


I will occasionally look towards the room where that chair is and imagine myself slouching down and enjoying a nap in my leather sofa chair that often doubles as a hammock. Not really.


But having the temptation completely removed from sight is an emotional win for me as well.


Finally, I made sure I was facing a wall, the notification setting on my phone was on silent, I was using an external mouse, not the pad on my laptop, and my headphones were dialed into my music only station on Pandora and put my headphones in.


Almost immediately I noticed the difference.


I wasn’t as tempted to sit back, sink in, close my eyes, and slow my heart rate down to a more rested state.


This change in location has allowed me to truly grasp the need for a more professional workspace in order for me to get my work done.


Not only a change in location but I also changed my posture to mimic that of how I would sit at my desk at work or at a table in Starbucks when I have a chance to get away.


I had to make myself get up and do this or else I’d be stuck in a loop of wanting the atmosphere I had created in the sleeping (literally I was falling asleep) chair to get me focused on work.


There was no way this was going to happen because I had mentally created an expectation that the sleeping chair was a place I could unwind and I didn’t associate it with work.


If you’re struggling with being productive, can you trace it to your posture, atmosphere, or environment?


If you were to make some of the changes I made, would that help you to get more done?


If you need to move from your go-to spot that you’ve enjoyed comfort from… get off the couch (or chair)!


I have just found that I work better at a desk or table when my posture facilitates a more “professional” approach. I would venture to guess that you are the same way.


Are you struggling with finding the motivation or mental strength you need to stop being stuck?


The process is simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Find a desk or move to the kitchen table.
  2. Wear clothes that remind you to work and not sleep.
  3. Grab a beverage and/or a light snack that isn’t carb heavy (that’ll cause insulin levels to rise and your body to feel groggy).
  4. Create a workspace with some elbow room for you to have all the tools you need.
  5. Block out distractions as much as possible.


BONUS: Here’s a bonus tip that I’m still trying to incorporate –

Set a timer. If you’re working on your side hustle and inspiration hits, you can get so lost in your momentum that when you finally peek at the clock it’s 2 a.m. and you have to be at your day job at 7 a.m. Sometimes we do this to the neglect of other areas of our lives – exercise, family time, other responsibilities, and sleep.


By setting a timer, it allows you to not use up all the creative juices in one sitting and you’re more likely to come back and finish something you started. It also affords you the balance we all need to give of our limited energy to taking care of our physical health, and our families.


If you aren’t getting the results you want, then it’s up to you make the necessary changes.

If you aren’t getting the results you want, then it’s up to you make the necessary changes. #NMWI Click To Tweet


Hopefully, I’ve convinced you that getting off your couch leads to a more productive you. I mean, who knew that your couch was so dangerous?!


If I have, then I challenge you to use the list of strategies above and leave the “what if” behind.


Have you experienced what I mentioned above by sitting in my comfortable chair? Do you have a favorite spot on your couch or a comfy chair that kills your productivity?


I would love to hear your thoughts! Comment below and share!

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