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If you’ve ever heard of the famed Trojan horse, then you’re familiar with the story I’m about to tell you.


While there are many conflicts as to the validity and accuracy of the story, we can confidently attest that it was mixed with mythology as well as historical people, events, and locations.


The ancient Greeks believed the Trojan War was a historical event that had taken place in the 12th or 13th century BC and that Troy was located in modern-day Turkey.


The story is among the most important events in Greek mythology and was narrated in many works of Greek literature, including the Iliad and the Odyssey by Homer.


This was a tale that began because of a beautiful woman, as most stories worth telling do.


Paris of Troy abducted Helen from her husband Menelaus, the king of Sparta, igniting a conflict that would last for years between these kingdoms.


It’d probably be a better story to recount if it involved Menelaus riding to the rescue, retrieving his wife and returning home, living happily ever after.


However, running the kingdom was more of a priority for this man, so he commissioned his brother Agamemnon, king of Mycenae, to set sail and bring his bride back. So the Greeks and their allies began what we all know as the Trojan War.


For 10 years, the Greeks fought battles outside the city of Troy, attempting to overcome the ancient Turks and their myriad of allies who were called in to aid in the defense of the city.


Few details are certain, but wide speculation has been given to determine a conclusion as to why the conflict had taken so long. It could have been their lack of military strategy, a competent leader, sufficient weaponry, adequate soldiers or geographical disadvantages.


What we do know is that for 10 years, they attempted to take this city and failed.


Finally, the first known light bulb began to glow atop the head of Odysseus, as he concocted a scheme to trump the military minds warring against each other.


The Greeks constructed a giant wooden horse able to house more than 30 men inside the belly portion and 2 more at the head as spies.


They called for a volunteer to walk the horse to the gates of the city and do his best to convince the Turks they had left him and this gift behind.


They spent more than 3 days building this ‘gift’ they were to give the Turks. At last, they finished and put their plan in motion.


They filled the wooden horse with the men, recruited their volunteer and then sailed away out of sight. Despite the warnings of a few of those inside the walls, the horse was brought into the city along with their kamikaze volunteer.


While the drunken celebration of victory was being conducted with no remorse, that night, the men emerged from the horse as the ships sailed back to land.


The gates were opened from the inside and the Greeks ransacked the city finally becoming victorious, retrieving Helen to be returned to King Menelaus.


While history and the Greek tradition is to celebrate the heroics and military conquest that favored their troops, I cannot help but find another moral of this story.


For 10 years they were able to fight and defend and keep the Greeks at bay and outside of the walls. Then by letting their guard down for just one moment they believed a lie, saw something pleasing to their eyes and let the enemy walk right in and destroy what they had protected from day one.


There are forces at work in this world trying to do the same exact thing to our homes. To infiltrate us while we’re seemingly unaware or distracted and have let our guard down.


They’re trying to poison the minds of this generation of young people.


They’re trying to dismantle our marriages.


They’re trying to devalue the wisdom of previous generations.


By whatever means possible, they want to steal your joy, plant seeds of doubt, and wreck your faith.


As men, we are called to be the leaders of our home and the greatest calling is to be the spiritual leader. Our families are depending on us to take up arms and guard the gates of our home.


A solid foundation of integrity is what we depend upon to accomplish this.


Dwight Eisenhower commented – “If we give up our principles for our privilege, we will ultimately lose both.” 

“If we give up our principles for our privilege, we will ultimately lose both.” - Eisenhower Click To Tweet


Ret. Col. Jeff O’Leary says, “It is fashionable to belittle the value of such things as moral character. Virtue is seen as a commodity that can be bought and sold like shares of a common stock.”


How true are those words today in parts of our country, or even our own city?


Are we paying attention to the things that are being pushed and even praised in our society as acceptable?


Are you laying a firm foundation in your life starting with ethics, integrity, morality, and character?


As brazen as those forces are, it is still possible for us to make a stand and overcome. It’s not only possible, it’s our duty.


Our survival and that of our marriages and families are depending on us to guard the gates of our lives and homes.


How, in this never-ending battle are we able to guard?


If we take the approach the builders took in scripture, in the book of Nehemiah, both of our hands should be equipped for this purpose.


While one hand held a tool to build the wall, the other hand held a sword to defend against an enemy.


Every single one of us should have the same mindset – while we are working diligently to be a good provider, we work just as intense to be a good protector.


I would encourage you to stay vigilant in your pursuit and not let up. It’ll be worth it.


Not only is our current, present family depending on us, the future is as well.


In our attempts to be diligent, we are laying a foundation on which generations can look back upon.


Are you investing what is necessary in order to protect what is priceless? Are you guarding the gates of your home?

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