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Let’s all admit it, it feels GREAT doing absolutely nothing!

We are always on the go, up early, and back in bed late.

We run ourselves into the ground and wear the “busyness” badge proudly in conversation with family and friends.

This isn’t limited to just Monday through Friday. No, we make sure to maximize every weekend and “catch up” on all the socializing, errands, maintenance, or personal time we neglected through the week.

There eventually comes a time when we realize we need to recharge and allow ourselves some much needed relaxation.

Our approaches vary from sleeping in late, to taking a day off for yourself, to a vacation, you name it.

It is worth it to just sit back, close our eyes, and enjoy the thought of no deadlines, no hurried schedule, no distractions, and no pressures.

Now, as enjoyable as it is to think of how relaxing those times are when we just need a break, this can bleed over into another area of our lives.

For most of us, there is a skill, talent, ability, whatever you want to call it that we’re all passionate about.

It’s that thing that maybe you haven’t shared with a lot of people in your life. Maybe it’s something that no one knows about at all.

Whatever it is, call it your ‘art’ if you’d like, but regardless, you’re keeping it from being unearthed.

You’re sitting on it, avoiding exposure.

You could talk about this subject endlessly, you research ways to improve in this area, and you dream of everyone in the world accepting it.

In the end, you do nothing though.


The same reasons we all do nothing – it feels so good!

When we do nothing, we don’t get hurt.

When we do nothing, we aren’t getting evaluated, judged, scrutinized, or criticized.

When we do nothing, we are assuredly not failing.

None of us wants to experience the pain, humiliation, or disappointment any or all of those things can bring.

While we may allow ourselves to contemplate a reality where our ‘art’ is beloved by all, we shake ourselves out of it eventually, and slip back into the routine of our lives.

The rationalization of living in reality versus following our dreams quickly lends itself to a more practical approach and we abandon the very notion that we could find fulfillment in chasing our dreams, our calling.


Is that you?

Is your mind racing to the times you’ve thought about taking the leap or cutting ties with your routine and stopped doing nothing?

Instead of asking “what if”, why don’t you start asking “why not”?

Instead of asking “what if”, why don’t you start asking “why not”? #nmwi Click To Tweet

Why not you?

Why not today?

If you’re waiting to pull the trigger because you think there will be people that don’t accept it, find another excuse. Because there will ALWAYS be those that your work is not for.

If you think that you’ll feel exposed by letting others see your passions, you’re right.

There is a measure of fear and apprehension that comes with pulling back the curtain to reveal the wizard who’s been operating in secrecy.

Do it anyway.

Don’t settle for what ‘feels good’ because as we’ve discussed, that’s a whole lot of nothing.


We’ve all heard it said that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. Why don’t you plant yours today?

It’s not too late for you to do something.

If you’re ready to leave the “what if” behind and operate in a realm where it may feel a little uncomfortable, do it!


What about you? Are you guilty of living this way?

Comment below and share!


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